Mimic's clients span over a multitude of industries. From gaming, film, television, commercials, music videos, artificial intelligence, avatars and even robotics. 
As self-professed "Futurists", no project is too daring or ambitious for us!


We love developing 3D assets for the creative industries, where it's all about breaking boundaries, creating exciting new content and pushing the potential of 3D as an art-form! 

We have worked with multiple creative agencies and brands - from Nike and Coca-Cola, to Swatch and Cartier Jewelry - assisting them to develop new animated characters for their promotional content, advertisements and commercials. We provide a range of services, adapting our offers to suit the very specific needs of each customer. This, in particular, included the scanning services for over 10 x football super-stars, located across Europe, at just a days notice! Regardless of the situation, Mimic always remains professional, adaptable and enthusiastic for the project ahead.


We can bring back to life historical figures, celebrities and characters through digital resurrection - which has been a particularly popular movement in the holographic industry. 


The most effective approach with a digital hologram is to perform "digital face-replacement" in 3D. Having just completed the longest digital face-replacement for a hologram in history, Mimic is the team for the job! Our facial animation specialists focus on ensuring that all of the subtleties and personal quirks of your digital double character are visually resurrected! Combined with a live video of the body in motion, a digital face-replacement is the perfect approach to ensure a highly convincing, and moving, holographic performance.


3D is a some-what uncharted medium in the fine arts industry, so we are thrilled to offer our expertise to visual artists wishing to dabble in a new field, or to experienced 3D artists searching for a helping hand.

Mimic recently worked directly with world-renowned artists Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons, creating new ground-breaking works in Virtual Reality, alongside Acute Art. This work included creating and animating Abramovic's exact digital replica, as well as animating Koons' infamous stainless steel ballerina. In 2015 we also had the honour to work alongside Singaporean visual artists Ho Tzu Nyen, creating 3 of his new works which were featured around the globe. We are always eager to work with visual artists, and are very sure to nurture and encourage the natural, but delicate, creative process.


World-leading 3D assets are typically developed inside the closed-doors of big budget film studios. Mimic is passionate about pioneering 3D outside of the block-buster cinema, bringing these specialty services to all creatives - and in particular to the music industry! 

We had the honour to work with the legendary rapper, Kanye West, producing the facial animation and rigging for West's interactive music video: Blllk Skkkn Head. In under 5 days, we successfully developed the rig and animation, as well as met the tight project deadline of our client.  Brought to you by Pretty Bird and directed by world-renowned art director, Nick Knight.

Mimic for Kanye West - Blllk Skkkn Head music video


Do you require high-quality animated faces, 3D characters or motion capture services for your real-time Virtual or Augmented Reality project? Our team has a strong understanding of how to build 3D characters for the most popular real-time engines, including Unity and Unreal. We create and deliver exceptional quality 3D assets for the real-time VR experience.


Mimic has worked on ground-breaking VR works with world-renowned artists Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons, as well as an AR experience featuring boxing champion Tyson Fury.

Mimic for Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic 


At Mimic we are very passionate about the future of the Robotics industry. We are currently working and partnering with leading Robotics companies to create realistic animated faces for real-time human-machine interaction. Our services include creating facial rigging, modeling and facial animation, both in a physical and digital realm, to enable the most realistic animated robots available today.


Mimic has already had the pleasure to create assets for the esteemed Hanson Robotics, as well as Engineered Arts, in their development towards creating world-leading social bots.

Mimi.C by Mimic


IPSoft's Amelia, by Mimic

As self professed "Futurists" we are constantly inspired by the continued, ground-breaking developments within Artificial Intelligence, most especially regarding the creation of digital avatars for the AI industry. If you are looking to bring your AI to life, we have experience in the development of 3D assets specifically for an AI avatar. This includes the curation, development and creation of speech phonemes and expression sequences, ensuring that your avatar can authentically function in real-time, accurately projecting the emotions and dialogue driven by the AI. 

Mimic has worked with several world leading AI research facilities (soon to be announced) and has created the digital avatar for IPSoft's "Amelia - your first digital employee"


Mimic offers services in the development of digital 3D objects and textures, optimized for the purpose of 3D printing. As a studio specializing in the development of realistic human digital characters, we can utilize these techniques and adapt the digital assets to suit the requirements of a physical 3D printable object. These models can either be created from scratch, or we can utilize our full body 3D scanning services, and develop a print directly from a clients exact physical replica.  Although we do provide our own in-house printing operations, we also offer "scan clean-up" services to the greater 3D printing industry, ensuring the highest-quality possible and able to be achieved with a 3D printed object.

Michael Jackson 3D Print by Mimic


We are passionate about bringing our expertise to a wider range of industries, such as the medical or scientific fields, ensuring that the unique technologies developed within 3D are progressed in new, innovative directions. As technology advances, Mimic is constantly striving to produce and work on the most innovative projects and technologies of the time. 

We have already worked with several leading companies developing new technologies for global innovators, such as Google Glasses, as well as several cosmetic and medical firms.


Mimic has had the incredible opportunity to work closely with medical doctors specializing in the cosmetic impact of the ageing process. From skin elasticity, to levels of radiance, and disintegration of bone-structure, we are highly experienced in the re-creation of the physical affects of ageing. The depth of these experiences also lent itself to the creation of the "ideal" face, including the facial proportions, structure and skin conditions associated to the scientific definition of "beauty." 

With this extensive knowledge and experience, we can offer our clients believable and accurate results in the creation of 3D assets for the Beauty and Cosmetics industries.

3D Ageing Process by Mimic


Looking for something more creative?


SYNTHETIC is our artistic branch, in which we utilise Mimic's technological team to cater to a creative service, offering concept development, storyboarding and art direction.

SYNTHETIC designs and produces cutting-edge creative 3D content, featuring highly real (and surreal) digital humans. Navigating the digital realms of 3D without limitations, nor worldly social constructs.

We are currently accepting calls for creative collaborations, reach out to us here


Mimic Productions is a Berlin-based 3D studio specializing in Character Creation, Scanning, Motion Capture and Animation 

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