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Our photogrammetry system has been meticulously optimised to capture pore-level detail in geometry and textures.

Photogrammetry Scanning in the Mimic Studio, Berlin

3D Photogrammetry / Scanning


3D Scanning is the perfect solution when re-creating photo-real characters in the digital realm. Our system combines the best technology for the capture of high-resolution topology, as well as extremely detailed texture maps. We are also honoured to have conducted facial scans for many celebrities across the globe - from Cristiano Ronaldo, to Roger Federer and Marina Abramovic. Our portable system enables us to travel to any location, prioritizing our clients production schedules, without sacrificing excellent quality.

Scan Head 3D
image (52).png
image (52).png
image (52).png


We also offer 3D Facial Scanning for the re-production of highly realistic and organic blend-shapes for your facial rig. To accurately capture the unique details of an individual's expressions is at the heart of a convincing 3D animation. Our founder has personally directed world renowned talent such as Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins,  capturing their unique facial dynamics


Mimic offers full body scanning services in Berlin as well as on location. This service is ideal for Digital Double creation or for 3D Printing.

If you have a RAW 3D scan which you would like to use for animation purposes, we can also offer re-topology services. This will reduce the number of polygons in your scan, whist retaining high detail topology, and resulting in an "animation-ready" 3D model.

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