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3D Hair + Clothing

Griff Hair
Kojay lid texture


There are three different strategies used to model and animate hair. The first is Hair Simulation, which is used to create life-like, dynamic hair and is commonly used in high-end animated films. The second strategy is Bone-Driven Hair, where visually the hair does not flow as naturally, and the final strategy is Non-Dynamic Hair (Rigged Skin Binding) which can be described as short, solid hair which is defined by a hair-like texture. We are experienced in all three strategies, so depending on your vision, budget and time frame we'd be happy to advise and create your ideal 3D Hair solution.


Like 3D Hair, digital cloth also can be created using two differing strategies.  Cloth Simulations create animated clothes which move and flow like natural fabric, where as Rigged Cloth (commonly called Smooth Skin) is a technique in which weighs the clothes directly to the “bones” (animation rig) of the body meaning that the clothes essentially move as the body does. Mimic is experienced in both services and is happy to advise as to which strategy would most likely suit your project.

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To complement our photo-real avatars, we have developed a robust pipeline in dynamic cloth / garment and hair simulations.

Dynamic cloth simulated on Naomi's avatar for Burberry

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