There are multiple ways the Beauty and Cosmetic Industries can harness the potential of 3D as a creative and practical medium.

The demand to create the perfect "before and after" picture is a common problem. Many resort to casting actors or heavy photo-editing to simulate ageing, cosmetic enhancements and medical skin conditions.

For a more accurate solution, Mimic has the tools to
re-create digital humans that can mimic even the most challenging facial surgery procedures. From skin elasticity, to levels of radiance, and the disintegration of bone structure, we can create scientifically accurate 3D models that show optional treatment outcomes, before practiced on your client.

3D Ageing Process by Mimic

3D Ageing Process by Mimic

Fortunately, Mimic has had the incredible opportunity to work closely with cosmetic doctors and beauty specialists who have specifically identified the variations in the human face as well as the ways in which we age. We have also produced work recreating medical skin conditions, facial bone structures and the ideal beauty.


​Some of the greatest issues of creating beauty, cosmetic or medical content revolves around physical and logistical restrictions encountered in a photoshoot. Unlike in the real world, lighting, camera angles and the performance of the model can be controlled to your advantage in a 3D environment. Mimic offers the opportunity to provide feedback on these conditions over the course of the project, lifting the pressure off getting it right in a single day on-set. If you decide that you would like warmer lighting, a smaller nose, a different camera angle or to change the hair color, these are all entirely possible at any point in the production timeline.