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Mimic x Holograms

Mimic has produced 3D assets for multiple global holograms, including the worlds longest face-replacement for Hit Parade!

Facial rigging and anmation for Hit Parde

We can bring back to life historical figures, celebrities and characters through digital resurrection - which has been a particularly popular movement in the holographic industry. 


The most effective approach with a digital hologram is to perform "digital face-replacement" in 3D. Having just completed the longest digital face-replacement for a hologram in history, Mimic is the team for the job! Our facial animation specialists focus on ensuring that all of the subtleties and personal quirks of your digital double character are visually resurrected! Combined with a live video of the body in motion, a digital face-replacement is the perfect approach to ensure a highly convincing, and emotionally engaging, holographic performance.

Looking for high-quality 3D assets?

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