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Bringing imagination to life through stunning 3D creations, our team of skilled artists and animators specialize in crafting lifelike monsters and creatures for games, VFX, and beyond.

Mimic x Creatures

We specialize in creating stunning 3D creatures for games, VFX, and more. Our team of skilled artists and animators is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life, whether you are looking for realistic creatures or stylized characters that pop off the screen.

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Creature creation is a fascinating process that involves designing and bringing to life a creature that exists only in the creator's imagination. Whether it's for a video game, a movie, a book, or just for fun, the process of creating a creature involves many different elements.

One of the first steps in creature creation is deciding on the creature's basic characteristics, such as its size, shape, and color. This often involves research into existing animals and plants, as well as the environment in which the creature will live. The creature's behavior and habits are also important to consider, as these will help to give the creature depth and make it feel more real.

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Here at Mimic we create monster models including groom and custom based rigs. By using muscle simulation and innovative toolkits we can create stylised or photorealsitic characters for films, VFX, games and more.  Based on your design we can create the creature's limbs, head, tail, and any unique features such as horns or wings.


 Testing the design is also an important part of the process, as it allows the creator to see how the creature looks from different angles and make any necessary adjustments to the creature's rigs including creating custom correctives.

We craft unique and captivating 3D photorelistic
monster characters tailored to gaming XR and VFX.

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Looking for high-quality creature assets?

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