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Facial rigging technology is one of our greatest strengths, creating an optimised foundation for realistic facial animation

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Face + Body Rigging


We believe the facial rig is fundamental to producing a realistic and organic animated character, and fortunately we are also proud to state that Facial Rig development is Mimic's greatest strength! Utilizing the experience gained by our Founder and CTO, David Bennett, who managed the Facial Animation team for huge blockbusters such as Avatar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Tin Tin, we have produce a rigging pipeline which is second to none.


It is through the facial rigging process, that the unique quirks and distinctly human characteristics of a character are captured. For the highest quality animation, we build Blend-Shape Facial Rigs based off actor Expression Scans - this pipeline creates the most realistic and personalized rigs available today. Blend-Shape based rigs are when an actor's poses and expressions are modeled or scanned, and the data is captured within the facial rig.  From there, the Blend-Shapes and expressions are activated and "blended" by the animator, creating the most authentic 3D facial expressions available. This aspect of the animation process is to identify the motion your chosen actor is making, and then compose each expression using multiple blend shapes (facial poses) composed together to make up a unique and detailed expression.

Blend-Shape Face Rigs can feature anywhere from 30 (low-quality) to 300 (film-quality) Blend-Shapes , and this number is reflected directly in the total fee. So if you are working with a limited budget, we would be happy to review your performance and advise on the most essential Blend-Shapes we believe your character will require. We can then build a custom Blend-Shape rig to cater to your financial needs, without sacrificing realism and accuracy.


We offer wrinkle map creation to compliment and support your facial rig. Wrinkle maps are maps activated in conjunction with blend shapes to create more defined and realistic wrinkle definition. Depending on the performance of your chosen character, we can customize the number of wrinkle maps required to suit your needs and the facial rig.


Whether you require body rigging for a human, animal or mythical creature, we can provide you with a robust and versatile rig for your production needs.​ Our impressive muscle system will show off the physique of your character, which will hold up under the most extreme poses. Mimic also provides character and creature rigging services for the most popular game engines today like Unreal and Unity.

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