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Equipped with state-of-the-art motion capture technology, Mimic offers world-class production and post-production services.

Motion Capture in the Mimic Studio, Berlin

Facial Motion Capture


Our Founder was the Manager of the Facial Motion Capture Department for multiple blockbuster movies, such as Avatar, Tin Tin and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, to name a few... So naturally, one of our biggest strengths is in facial motion capture and animation. We can capture uniquely subtle movements, as well as highly dynamic expressions - from a simple blink to the complexity of emotive lip synchronization.

Our facial mocap services include the use of wireless Head-Mounted Cameras (or HMC) which can be used in conjunction with our Optical Body Motion Capture system, enabling us to capture both the body and facial data simultaneously. This system ensures that your actors full performance is accurately captured in a single moment.



Do you have a 3D concept which includes the immediate capture of a live facial performance, to be instantly applied in real-time onto a 3D model?  Mimic works with the best tools and software currently available in the production of real-time facial animation. We can guide you through the development process and facilitate your live event. Whether needed for holograms,  digital communication or live projections, we are here to help.

Body Motion Capture


Motion-capture - or performance capture - greatly simplifies the process of capturing movement, by recording the position of optical markers placed on your actor and faithfully transporting this data onto a 3D skeleton. This information is then re-targeted onto the 3D character of your choice, essentially giving organic movement to a digital being.

Our high fidelity Optical Motion Capture System, can capture high-speed performances, perfect for sports, action or dance sequences. Our reliable systems allow you to forget about the technology and focus solely on your performers, with the assurance that what you see is what you will get. Our OptiTrack system composed of high-speed cameras will track their every move and deliver you very accurate and convincing data, faithful to the performance.



If you have a project which requires real-time body performance capture, such as a hologram or live projection, we'd be happy to assist you. Mimic can offer the technical and creative solutions to ensure that your live 3D performance is of the utmost quality. We can offer you the leading wearable inertial motion capture system, XSens MVN Animate for the ultimate ease of real time live performances.  

Our services include pre-production testing, system set-up, technical support and facilitation at the main event.


  • Wide-angle high-speed Prime 17W cameras or a wearable inertial motion capture with the Xsens MVN Animate system.

  • Up to 360 frames per second

  • Large capture spaces of 100 to 200 m², from a white-wall studio to a vast warehouse

  • Multiple actors tracked simultaneously and interacting with one another

  • Up to 16 rigid bodies (balls, swords, etc.)

  • Real-time preview of the performance on your 3D character

  • Reference recordings of the session using HD video cameras

  • Fully portable system and adaptable to any location

  • Final quality matching the standards of AAA games and Hollywood movies

Our Motion Capture Stages

Motion Capture Production Services


At Mimic, we will guide you throughout your project and manage the entire process, from the initial planning of the capture shoot right through to the final animation clean-ups.


  • Mocap space: Just name the time and place and we will be there. Our system is fully portable and adaptable to almost any environment. You don’t have a room? We will find one suitable for your project.

  • Performers: Breathtaking animations require talented actors. We will help you cast the best performers to do the job. You don’t know anyone? We will dip into our database of specialists of all fields.

  • Mocap tracking: At Mimic, we are proficient in optical and marker less mocap tracking. We offer excellent tracking services focused on the highest quality and time efficiency.

  • Mocap solving: We can solve the data in real-time on set or in post to further refine the performance.

  • Motion editing: We provide great motion editing services and excellent animation services to ensure that your vision comes to life.

  • Motion exporting: We can deliver you the final data in any industry standard format (FBX, C3D, Maya, 3dsmax, etc.)

Motion capture production services

Our Founders Mocap Credits

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