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Naomi Campbell developed from reference photos

We produce photo-realistic
results whether your character
is developed from a scan, reference images or
concept art.

Naomi Campbell, developed from reference photos

Modelling + Sculpting

Ronaldo 3D model


Our modelling services can begin either with or without RAW scan data.

When we develop a character from scan data, we retopologise the model to reduce topology count and optimise play-back potential. The next step is to clean the data, producing pore-level sculpts and an accurate likeness.

In the event that a scan is not possible, we can accurately create your character from reference pictures or concept art. The final result produced is as believable and realistic as if a scan had been conducted.

Textures + Maps


The accurate creation of details such as pore definition, sweat and natural blemishes are at the heart of realism in 3D, and it is this artistry which we have refined over the years at Mimic.


Our services include the full development of realistic skin textures both with, and without, the use of a 3D scanner, which means our clients can expect realism in a fictional (or even deceased) 3D creation. Our capacity to produce textures completely from scratch, also lends itself to enhancements of a character - which can include aspects such as ageing or de-ageing, and additional facial hair or scars. 

Texture and Maps
3D texture Maps


3D Textures are essentially made up of a series of flat images, called “Maps” which when layered and “wrapped” around the model create a 3D textural effect. 

Some Texture Maps include:
- Normal Maps – Creates light reflections on the model based on geometry
- Displacement Maps – Creates folds and wrinkles on the skin which cannot be achieved by the existing geometry
- Diffuse (Colour) Maps – Creates colour toning on the surface of the model
- And many more…


We currently work with normal maps, displacement maps, specular maps, gloss maps, depth maps and ambient maps. We can advise you as to which maps will be necessary for your character depending on your aesthetic goals and technical requirements.

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