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Whether for high-quality cut-scenes or real-time game play, our character assets are optimised for a ground-breaking experience.

Facial animation for Borderlands cinematics


Mimic x Games

Do you require high-quality animated faces, 3D characters or motion capture services to bring your real-time video game project to life? Our team has a strong understanding of how to build 3D characters for the most popular game engines available today, including Unity, Unreal and Cry Engine. 3D outsourcing is a common option for the game industry, and Mimic provides your most reliable partner in production. We are adept at delivering quality animation within tight deadlines, working hard to ensure your budget and project schedule is never compromised. 


Mimic has provided facial animation for the award winning game: Batman: Arkham Knight, Borderlands and NBA2k, amongst others. We are proud to have designed film quality facial rigs and 3D characters for some of the most popular realtime projects in production today.



We have scanned and developed hundreds of key characters for some of the worlds largest game companies including Capcom, Tencent and Warner Brothers. This experience has allowed us to optimise our pipeline ensuring that we're prioritising the technical requirements of a game-play and/or cinematics character. Having learnt from the best, we now have an in-depth understanding of poly count, topology requirements and texture map requirements to ensure the highest resolution character with optimised play-back time.

Furthermore, we are accustomed to developing various LODs to ensure your character asset is developed for many varying use-cases in a game, such as cinematics, cut-scenes and game-play.


​We provide facial rigging services especially catering to the gaming industry, ensuring a lightweight asset with maximum expressivity. When used in conjunction with our facial motion capture and animation clean-up services, we strive for the ultimate result in realism and accuracy.

Furthermore, our motion capture and animation services extend to the capture and clean-up of body motion, specifically stream-lined for game animation. This includes the creation of looped animations and motion libraries to suit your game-play narrative.

With credits such as Batman Arkham Knight, Borderlands, Tennis World Tour and NBA 2K we are the premium partner in game character assets.

Batman Arkham night

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