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Play sports in the Metaverse with our 3D services that provide high fidelity results for your sports & fitness digital projects.


As sports converges with new media and we begin to play games through headsets, chat to our friends at virtual football matches and sports campaigns look for new pipelines to impress their audiences. Mimic Productions has the skills and the ingenuity to bring your sports & fitness project to life. 

From motion capturing tennis games to scanning premier league football players, Mimic has years of experience and you can be sure to trust your game with us.




Creating assets for virtual / augmented reality requires a strong knowledge of LOD's and optimising polycount limits for the extended reality hardware. At Mimic, we can retain the high-quality details traditionally supported by high processing power and polygon count but are limited to low poly ceilings to suit your size criteria. Whether you are interested in making: an augmented reality face replacement app; object targetting experience; a geolocated augmented reality experience or creating your own metaverse world, Mimic can recommend a creative and technological solution for your creative concepts.



As a pioneer in 3D avatar and character product creation, Mimic is perfectly positioned to develop new technologies to further advance identity in the Metaverse. Whether you would like us to customize an already made avatar with new outfits, body types or hairstyles or create your Metaverse avatar from scratch/reference images, we are here to help. Additionally, we have a portable scanning system to bring your true identity into live virtual spaces.

Motion Capture

The 3D production of clothing, shoes, bags and other fashion accessories allows for unlimited creative opportunities, as well as the development of new sales or fit technologies.

We have produced 3D fashion assets for several major luxury brands including Valentino, Balmain, Moncler and Burberry. These assets have been used to create engaging new content for marketing through 3D fashion camapaign and film production. However, the use-case does not stop there... We have also had the opportunity to engage in the development of new technologies, such as virtual fit simulations for the benefit of online shoppers.

Our attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship makes us the preferred partner in 3D asset creation, savouring the detailing in every last zip, buckle and stitch.

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