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Face + Body Animation


Our skilled artists have provided body animation for the most complex movements - from swimming and flying, to object interactions and finger animations. We offer services in the "clean-up" of mocap data, or key-framing. We are equally experienced in both processes, ensuring an efficient process and effective final result.


Each face is different, hence every project should be too. At Mimic, we work only with the world’s best facial analysis algorithms, and, as we are not afraid to be inventive, we are constantly adapting and reworking our tools to ensure we animate our facial performances with accuracy and realism.

Our facial animation services also include facial mocap "clean-up" - essentially taking the captured performance and ensuring that every unique element is retained. This can include organic and beautiful details, such as a deep breath through the nostrils, a nervous swallow, or the rolling of eyes underneath closed eye-lids. We believe it is these subtle details that truly give life to you character, and our skilled animators are constantly seeking to honour these organic and real moments in your actors performance.


Do you have a 3D concept which includes the immediate capture of a live facial performance, to be instantly applied in real-time onto a 3D model?  Mimic works with the best tools and software currently available in the production of real-time facial animation. We can guide you through the development process and facilitate your live event. Whether needed for holograms,  digital communication or live projections, we are here to help.

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Our Founder has over 20 years experience in the creation of realistic character animation, creating the foundations of Mimic's technology.

Ed Atkins 'The Worm'

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