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Rendering, Lighting + Camera Animations


Rendering is the final phase that occurs in the animation production process. In general, the density of the modelling, and the more detailed the textures, materials and quality of the animation - the longer the render-time of each frame. We offer in-house rendering on small projects, and coordinate the outsourcing of rendering on larger projects. We will advise you as to the most economical rendering solution for your project.


When lighting a digital asset, it is important that you are familiar with the varying texture maps and shaders in the 3D object to ensure the best quality and realism. At Mimic, our skilled lighting artists work directly with our texturing department to ensure that the 3D asset is optimized for the desired lighting condition. We also offer creative advise and dynamic visual solutions to ensure that the atmosphere and mood projected through the digital lighting design, supports your concept and final 3D project.


Camera Animation can be described as "Digital Cinematography", and the particularly exciting aspect to cinematography outside of the live realm, is that in 3D, there are no physical limitations or boundaries! We would be happy to either work directly with your Art Director to develop the angles, shots and cuts in your project, or we can offer our creative "digital cinematography" alongside our Camera Animation services and develop the creative edit in-house. 


Head Tracking is a service we offer to compliment our Digital Face Replacement services. Essentially, the tracking of an actors head, allows us to place a digital face seamlessly on top of a live video. This process is ideal when wanting to replicate a famous performer, ensuring that the facial model and animation perfectly represents the talent, yet the body, clothing and hair has the natural motion of a live video - perfect for holograms, such as Hit Parade - the longest face replacement hologram in history.


The final touch in a 3D project, the Compositing integrates the various digital assets and visual elements to create photo-realistic effects and captivating imagery. Our skilled post-production artists have produced high quality compositing services for multiple digital projects and many differing industries, creating a final project which looks natural and seamless.

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Rendering is the final step in the character production pipeline requiring artistry in lighting, shading and camera animation.

Mona Lisa brought to life with high resolution rendering

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