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From Kanye, to J.Balvin, creating 3D avatars and assets for the music industry is one of our greatest passions! 

J.Balvin avatar in the 3D music video, Negro

Mimic x Music Videos

World-leading 3D assets are typically developed inside the closed-doors of big budget film studios. Mimic is passionate about pioneering 3D outside of the block-buster cinema, bringing these specialty services to all creatives - and in particular to the music industry! 

We have had the honour to work with the legendary rapper, Kanye West, producing the facial animation and rigging for West's interactive music video: Blllk Skkkn Head. We were also responsible for the entire 3D production of a music video series for Robin Schulz. Furthermore, we have built 3D avatars of music stars J.Balvin, The 1975, Kanye West, Griff, Kojey, Arca and more.

Whether for a music video or for a metaverse realtime performance, we create 3D avatars for your artists use-cases.

Arca's avatar for Prada/Rakata


Creating a music video in 3D can offer limitless creativity, with the potential to produce the most engaging and surreal results. However, featuring the talent behind the music is also critical, and the fans engagement is often reflected in the presence of their favourite musician. Having the capacity to therefore include a 3D avatar in the likeness of the talent is essential - and this is where Mimic steps in.

We are highly accustomed to building 3D avatars based off either scan data or reference imagery, meaning that we can produce a highly believable 3D model of any well-known musician to be recognised and featured in a music production. We have already had the honour to build renowned musicians J.Balvin, Arca, Robin Schulz, The 1975 band, Griff and Kojey.

Robyn Schulz and Toni Garrn by Mimic Productions.png


​A critical step in 3D production is the motion capture and animation of your 3D characters. In the creation of a music video, the movement of your avatars is extremely important, especially if lip-sync or dancing is a central aspect of your production.

At Mimic we specialise in body and facial motion capture, which can be shot either inhouse at our Berlin studio, or offsite at a location of your choosing. Once the motion data is captured, we can also offer animation clean-up services, which ensures that your musical talent is performing naturally and accurately.

We have had the pleasure to motion capture and animate for many high-profile musicians including Kanye West (Blkk Skkkn Head), The 1975 (The Birthday Party) and Robin Schulz (Rather be Alone).


​Building your 3D music production in a real-time engine can give you the incredible freedom to develop and review your work without lengthy render times. Other benefits also include the capacity to utilise your 3D avatar in other applications such as VR or live holographic performances.


As veterans in the game industry, we specialise in the production of digital avatars for real-time use. In early 2020 we had the opportunity to perform live in Womb club, Tokyo, with DJ Yellock, who performed live with his digital avatar. This incredible show is just one example of the application of a 3D avatar in real-time.


Furthermore, we also offer services which generally come hand-in-hand with real-time or render integration. These include camera animation, lighting, shading and rendering, bringing the final, but essential, finishing touches to your 3D music production.

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