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Embrace the surreal world of 3D production to engage customers and develop outstanding content.

Avatar creation and Animation for Piccadilly Lights

Mimic x Advertising

We love developing 3D assets for the creative industries, where it's all about breaking boundaries, creating exciting new content and pushing the potential of 3D as an art-form! 

We have worked with multiple creative agencies and brands - from Nike and Coca-Cola, to Swatch and Cartier - assisting them to develop new animated characters for their promotional content, advertisements and commercials. We provide a range of services, adapting our offers to suit the very specific needs of each customer. This, in particular, included the scanning services for over 10 x football super-stars, located across Europe, at just a few days notice! Regardless of the situation, Mimic always remains professional, adaptable and enthusiastic for the project ahead.


The use of 3D avatars in advertising content is the way of the future. No more expensive shoots, or over-priced model "buy-outs", with digital avatar creation you can develop the ideal brand ambassador for your client.


Furthermore, when creating content in 3D, you are limited only by your imagination. Mimic is proud to be a leading supplier of flawless 3D character assets to some of the world most prestigious advertising agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB and AKQA. From the creation of a 3D Mona Lisa for a lingerie brand, to the development of an air-bound Cristiano Ronaldo for Nike, we have seen the creative minds of the advertising industry take our 3D assets beyond our wildest dreams!


A critical step in 3D production is the motion capture and animation of your 3D characters. In the creation of a 3D advertisement, the movement of your avatars is extremely important.

At Mimic we specialise in body and facial motion capture, which can be shot either inhouse at our Berlin studio, or offsite at a location of your choosing. Once the motion data is captured, we can also offer animation clean-up services, which ensures that your musical talent is performing naturally and accurately.

We have had the pleasure to motion capture and animate for many high-profile brands and clients including Nike, Swatch, Cartier and Etisalat.



The greatest benefit of 3D production, is the freedom and ability to develop content beyond our known realities. If you are seeking to engage your audiences with surreal character narratives and special effects, then Mimic is ready to help. With effects such as particle formations, lighting simulations and surreal texturing, we can add an element to your 3D production that is like no other.

If your idea involves engagement with new media and technologies, we are here to help. Mimic has had the opportunity to develop incredibly unique concepts for several world-leading advertising agencies. These projects included the creation of customised emojis for a makeup line, the development of a 3D social media inlfuencer for a wellness brand and clothing fit-simulations for a fashion product line.  

Looking for high-quality 3D assets?

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