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We are one of the few companies world-wide to offer the full 3D character production pipeline, under one roof.

Facial Motion Capture in the Mimic Studio, Berlin


3D Photogrammetry scanning for the face, body, expressions and objects


Dynamic motion capture animation clean-up and key framing, for the face and body.


High quality character modelling and texturing, from scans, reference images or concept art


Quality 3D cloth and hair production, including modelling, texturing and dynamic simulations


High fidelity blend-shape facial rigging, body rigging and dynamic cloth/hair rigging.

Realtime Assets

Optimised character assets for real-time integration and performance.

Motion Capture

Opitrack and Xsens body motion capture services, as well as facial motion tracking.


Shading, Lighting, Camera Animations and Rendering for final production.

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Equipped with state-of-the-art motion capture and scanning technology, Mimic offers world-class production and post-production services.

Photogrammetry Scanning in the Mimic Studio, Berlin

3D Scanning

3D Scanning is the perfect solution when re-creating photo-real characters in the digital realm. Our world-class photogrammetry system combines the best technology for the capture of high resolution topology, as well as extremely detailed texture maps. A fully portable system, we can scan your talent either in our studio in Berlin, or on-site your production location.

We also offer 3D Facial Scanning for the re-production of highly realistic and organic blend-shapes for your facial rig. Our founder has personally directed world renowned talent such as Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins,  capturing their unique facial dynamics - so you can trust you are in good hands!

Modelling + Texturing

Modelling + Texturing

Our in-house artists specialise in both fictional and photo-real character modelling - created either from scan data, reference images or concept art. Combined with high resolution texture maps, pore-level definition, sweat and natural blemishes are at the heart of realism in 3D, and it is this artistry which we have refined over the years at Mimic. Our services include the full development of realistic skin textures both with, and without, the use of a 3D scanner, which means our clients can expect realism in a fictional (or even deceased) 3D creation.


Face + Body Rigging

One of Mimic's greatest strengths is in the creation of highly realistic and dynamic blend-shape based Facial Rigs. Utilizing the experience gained by our Founder and CTO, David Bennett, (who managed the Facial Animation team for huge blockbusters such as Avatar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Tin Tin), we have produce a rigging pipeline which is second to none.


Whether produced from expression-scan data, developed from reference imagery or extracted from a generic expression set, we offer Facial Rigging solutions for all budgets.

Mimic specialises in the creation of blend-shape based Facial Rigs, Body Rigs (and everything in-between). For the highest quality animation, we build Blend-Shape Facial Rigs based off actor Expression Scans - this pipeline creates the most realistic and personalised rigs available today. 

Motion Capture
mocap mimic.jpg

Motion Capture

Body motion-capture - or performance capture - greatly simplifies the process of capturing movement, by recording the position of optical markers placed on your actor and faithfully transporting this data onto a 3D skeleton. This information is then re-targeted onto the 3D character of your choice, essentially giving organic movement to a digital being.


Facial motion capture is also one of our greatest strengths. Our Founder was the Manager of the Facial Motion Capture Department for multiple blockbuster movies, such as Avatar, Tin Tin and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, to name a few... We can capture uniquely subtle movements, as well as highly dynamic expressions - from a simple blink to the complexity of emotive lip synchronization.


Face + Body Animation

Our skilled artists have provided body animation for the most complex movements - from swimming and flying, to object interactions and finger animations. We offer services in the "clean-up" of mocap data, or key-framing. We are equally experienced in both processes, ensuring an efficient process and effective final result.

Our facial animation services also include facial mocap "clean-up" - essentially taking the captured performance and ensuring that every unique element is retained. This can include organic and beautiful details, such as a deep breath through the nostrils, a nervous swallow, or the rolling of eyes underneath closed eye-lids. We believe it is these subtle details that truly give life to you character, and our skilled animators are constantly seeking to honour these organic and real moments in your actors performance.

Hair + Clothing

Hair + Cloth Dynamics

There are several different strategies used to model and animate hair or cloth. The first is Dynamic Simulation, which is used to create life-like, dynamic hair or cloth and is commonly used in high-end animated films. Over the years Mimic has created these systems for multiple high-end fashion productions.


Another strategy is Bone-Driven Hair or Cloth, where visually the clothing or hair moves with the body/head animation. We are experienced in all simulation strategies, so depending on your vision, budget and time frame we'd be happy to advise and create your ideal 3D Hair or Clothing solution.


Realtime Integration

Here at Mimic we are skilled in 3D character optimization for all popular Real-Time game engines, such as Unity and Unreal. We produce authentic assets with flawless textures, shaders and rig integrations as well as high-fidelity real-time animation.


Based on our vast experience with building over 50 human characters for the Unreal game engine, we have developed a particular strength in cutting-edge realism and a focus on exceptional quality.

Furthermore, we have developed Real-time facial and body motion capture systems, to enable you to take your character outside the gaming experience to perform in a live, Real-time performance.



Rendering is the final phase that occurs in the animation production process. In general, the density of the modelling, and the more detailed the textures, materials and quality of the animation - the longer the render-time of each frame. We offer in-house rendering on small projects, and coordinate the outsourcing of rendering on larger projects. We will advise you as to the most economical rendering solution for your project.

Alongside Rendering, we also offer services in Lighting, Camera Animation and Environments, providing the necessary final touches in your 3D production. 

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