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We are passionate about bringing the digital medium to the arts; engaging with the technology, whilst honouring the concept.

Jeff Koons, VR project "Phryne"

Mimic x Art

3D is a some-what uncharted medium in the fine arts industry, so we are thrilled to offer our expertise to visual artists wishing to dabble in a new field, or to experienced 3D artists searching for a helping hand.

Mimic worked directly with world-renowned artists Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons, creating new ground-breaking works in Virtual Reality. This work included creating and animating Abramovic's exact digital replica, as well as animating Koons' infamous stainless steel ballerina. In 2015 we also had the honour to work alongside Singaporean visual artists Ho Tzu Nyen, creating 3 of his new works which were featured around the globe. We are always eager to work with visual artsits, and are very sure to nurture and encourage the natural, but delicate, creative process.


We understand the necessary commitment to the artistic concept and the creative process, and we make sure to honour this approach, as well as provide guidance in the potential of the technology. Furthermore, as a studio who specializes in realism, we are also just as passionate about the "true nature" of the 3D medium, embracing "errors" and 3D "artefacts" to genuinely explore the creation of the works. 

Finally we also understand the budgetary restrictions that can sometimes be present in art-work development, and we are very accustomed to providing artists with cost-effective solutions, which also produce the most engaging visual results.


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