Mimic x Film/TV

Mimic Productions was founded by David Bennett, former Facial Motion Capture Manager at WETA Digital, whose credits include the ground-breaking Avatar, Tintin and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, amongst others. It is this knowledge and experience which has influenced Mimic's animation and rigging pipelines. Furthermore, with our portable 3D Scanning and Mocap solution, we can now re-locate to each client's preferred shoot location, ensuring we work time-efficiently and effectively with each client and their specific project pipeline. So, whether you are seeking photo-realistic digital doubles, cartoon characters or fantastical creatures, our studio can handle all aspects of your 3D character creation, bringing your wildest concepts to a digital reality. 

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Co-founded by blockbuster film veteran, David Bennett, we offer world-leading services to the TV/Film industries.

Motion Capture for film, R'ha Nuun

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