If you require high-quality animated faces, 3D characters or motion capture services for your real-time Virtual or Augmented Reality project, our experienced and motivated team can help you realize your vision, enabling you to transcend worlds by creating alternate realities.

We provide a multitude of 3D services which turn the imaginary into reality. Our in-house team of world-leading 3D artists are renowned for using and developing cutting edge technologies, providing the following 3D services to the VR and AR industries:

Recently, Mimic worked with world-renowned artists Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons, creating new ground-breaking works in Virtual Reality, commissioned by Acute Art.

Using our underwater motion capture technology, we created Abramovic’s exact digital replica and worked with her to develop a simulated underwater experience, ‘RISING’. Her digital double was developed to be fully interactive with consideration to the immersive VR audience. In Jeff Koons' work 'PHYRNE'; we provided the full body animation for his famous ballerina figure in an exciting VR experience.

Our services here at Mimic have been utilized by many more industries delving into the possibilities that VR & AR offer. Our past work also includes 3D facial animation for the 'Joker' character in the award- winning Batman: Arkham, VR game, as well as a unique AR experience for Boxing legend, Tyson Fury.

Mimic Productions is a Berlin-based 3D studio specializing in Character Creation, Scanning, Motion Capture and Animation 


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